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Rochester Makerspace makes me a little bit jealous. First of all, it’s in my old hometown of Rochester NY. That means they’ve got low rents over there and these extremely cool old brick industrial buildings with an absolute ton of wide-open space.

The paper ROC Makerspace is referring to above – Founding a Hackerspace.  It’s a 69 page paper about the history of hackerspaces, interviews with the founders of hackerspaces, and it includes the business plan from MakeIt Labs in Nashua NH. Good stuff.

So, like any similar venture, location is going to be one of the most important considerations for us. There are some pretty serious trade-offs there, more on that at another time. Broadly speaking location-wise, around here we could head over to east Contra Costa County (such as in Brentwood) and have a ton of space to work with, but it would put our space well off the beaten path for a lot of the people we’d really like to reach. In Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill there are some great locations, but there rents are often beyond our means if we want to be within reach of public transportation.

We’re working on our explanation of what we’re about

We’re still working on how to concisely describe what a hackerspace is and what we’re all about. This is our working copy, probably subject to extensive revision as we get this going.

East Bay Hackers is non-profit organization that provides a collaborative space that brings together hackers, artists, programmers, students, entrepreneurs and other creative thinkers in Contra Costa County. We use the term “hacker” in the original, positive sense of the word to describe someone who likes to explore how things work.

East Bay Hackers’ mission is to bring people together around the ingredients for innovation. We provide space, Internet connectivity, tools, informal technical training, and a stimulating social environment for hackers.

East Bay Hackers is hackerspace; a center for innovation. It is a collaborative blend of community center, business incubator, coworking and tech space rolled into one creative place for innovation and design. We are different from other innovation centers that are based on a profit-driven commercial model.

Opening the blog …

This is the blog for the East Bay Hackers project.

Right now we’re trying to get a hackerspace project started.  Things we’re working on right now:

1.  Creating the legal/financial structure for our organization.

2.  Getting approval for 501c3 status as an educational/scientific nonprofit org.

3.  Getting a feel for where we could locate our hackerspace, rents in the area, zoning, public transportation in the area, etc.

This is still in the very early stages so I’ll update the blog as we go.  I’ll be sharing my research for this project here, so if you find this and you’re involved in something similar I hope you’ll find my links and data useful.