Brainstorming. What’s In a Name?

I like the name hackerspace but I’ve found that it comes with negative connotations and baggage that make it more difficult when you’re having to explain what it is to people.  I’d rather just call it something else that would pique the interest of people who would enjoy it but who might not think they’d enjoy something if it was called “a hackerspace”.  I’ve found that most people who already know what a hackerspace is are Early Adopter types who already know what it is and are going to be looking for their community’s hackerspace.

So … the name … important to get right.  I was thinking:

Makerspace?  It’s got no baggage, but it’s also got more of a connotation of being about tools and building physical things.  That’s cool if it’s what people are into.  Personally, I’m more of a UNIX geek / software guy so it speaks less specifically to my interests.  That’s probably fine though.

Community Lab?  I think it gets the idea across that it’s a place where people can get together and work on group projects.  I wonder if people would think “lab” and get the idea that it’s a group of biotech hackers or something.  Innovation Lab.  Idea Lab.  I think something along these lines might work.

Idea Workshop.  I think that name maybe does a better job of conveying the idea of what “hackerspace” speaks to along with “makerspace” and “community lab”.

Hmmm … I think someone else is already using the name Idea Lab in the area for something else.

FIRST MEETING SCHEDULED! 3/16 2pm in Concord at Todos Santos Starbucks

Arright, I’m not in love with the text here or anything, so feel free to suggest something better or improvements and I’ll change it.

We are creating a hacker/maker community where residents of all ages in Contra Costa County and neighboring areas are encouraged to teach and learn new skills and knowledge, to invent using a variety​ of technologies assisted by mentors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematics, with the goal of having a good time, educating people, fostering creative thought and incubating new businesses.

“The future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed.”
—William Gibson

Meeting People

I was able to speak on the phone with the founder of Hayhackers for a bit.  She had a bunch of positive suggestions, and some contacts to pass along.  I also checked out a Hackerspace business plan that I found on Rochester Makerspace’s site.  Rochester is my old home town — I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and like a lot of Rochesterians, I’m a former Kodak employee.


Planning Our First Meeting

Today I had a meeting with our hackerspace mentor.  We’re ready to book a location, send out a press release, send personal invitations and really pull the trigger on getting this project going more full time.  I’m a little nervous, but very excited right now.  I think we’ve done our homework and got a good support system in place for this.  Now it’s time to present our ideas to the public and hope it goes well.

We’re looking at getting a meeting space in Pleasant Hill right now at one of the rec centers.  I will update this blog when there’s more news to report!