Brainstorming. What’s In a Name?

I like the name hackerspace but I’ve found that it comes with negative connotations and baggage that make it more difficult when you’re having to explain what it is to people.  I’d rather just call it something else that would pique the interest of people who would enjoy it but who might not think they’d enjoy something if it was called “a hackerspace”.  I’ve found that most people who already know what a hackerspace is are Early Adopter types who already know what it is and are going to be looking for their community’s hackerspace.

So … the name … important to get right.  I was thinking:

Makerspace?  It’s got no baggage, but it’s also got more of a connotation of being about tools and building physical things.  That’s cool if it’s what people are into.  Personally, I’m more of a UNIX geek / software guy so it speaks less specifically to my interests.  That’s probably fine though.

Community Lab?  I think it gets the idea across that it’s a place where people can get together and work on group projects.  I wonder if people would think “lab” and get the idea that it’s a group of biotech hackers or something.  Innovation Lab.  Idea Lab.  I think something along these lines might work.

Idea Workshop.  I think that name maybe does a better job of conveying the idea of what “hackerspace” speaks to along with “makerspace” and “community lab”.

Hmmm … I think someone else is already using the name Idea Lab in the area for something else.

2 thoughts on “Brainstorming. What’s In a Name?”

  1. CCMetaSpace. This would represent a collection of spaces working in various types of activities.

    CCTinkers – “The hands-on space in the space of CCMetaSpace” – with slogan “Let’s break something or not.”

    CCCranky – “The do-good space in the space of CCMetaSpace.” with slogan “Let’s change the world – It’s just not good enough.”

    CCWhat – “The space generator in the space of CCMetaSpace.” with slogan “We can do anything! Let’s figure out what.”

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