Proposed Project — City of Concord Wiki

Here are a couple examples of great city wikis —

Oakland Wiki

Davis Wiki

Vacaville (smallish, hosted on LocalWiki)

Vallejo on LocalWiki

Rochester (New York) Wiki

Anyway, I’ve long thought that Concord should (and could!) have something like this.  It would be a site where people could post about the neighborhoods they live in, groups in our area, events taking place, local history, restaurants, businesses, local companies and government, etc.  A whole wiki filled with great stuff about the city where we live.

What do we need right now to get this project going?

I’ve got the domain names registered for this project — and

Full disclosure — if this gets some legs I really want to dive into Walnut Creek next!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Concord first.  LocalWiki already has a stub for Walnut Creek and I don’t think they’ve got Concord at all yet.

Doing this well is going to take a lot of work.

I could use volunteers who would like to do the following –

1.  Create a Web Site for the Concord Wiki Project — simply explain what it is, what we’re doing, who we are, etc.

2.  Create a Flyer for the City of Concord Municipal Wiki Project — same as above, but we’ll print it on dead trees

3.  Begin work on the actual wiki — I can hand off the domains when you are ready and we’ll have them go over to a blank wiki.  There’s a site called LocalWiki that does stuff like this.

4.  Start researching what’s going to go into the wiki.  Your deliverable will a list of what you’ve discovered.  What belongs on the list is anything about the City of Concord that deserves to be written about in the Wiki.  This could be historical events, current events, businesses, famous residents, local urban legends, Concord culture and … well … I guess you’ll probably figure this out as you go.

5.  We are going to need lots of people who know how to edit and work with a wiki and can teach other people how to do this.

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