Posting My Hackerspace Notes

For a while now, I’ve been reading up on hackerspaces around the United States.  I’ve been interested in the different purposes they’ve found, the things their members do, the different reasons people have had for starting them, etc.  As time permits, I’ve made an effort to communicate with their founders to ask them about their stories.

This is a list of hackerspaces I’ve looked up, and a little about each.

Hay Hackers in Hayward, CA — Not exactly local to me, but not terribly far away either.  This hackerspace is something like a STEM education program for young people.

Hacker Lab in Sacramento, CA — A huge space over in Sacramento.

Interlock Rochester – Interlock ROC is Rochester’s oldest hackerspace.  Their site also says “only” hackerspace which would probably be news to their neighbors.

Rochester Makerspace — Rochester’s other hackerspace.  These guys are pretty cool and actually answer their phones unlike Interlock.

Ace Monster Toys — One of Oakland’s hackerspaces, I’ve dropped by but it seems like no one is ever there.  Now, they post scheduled open houses but they only seem to run them during times when I’m at work.

Sudo Room — This is my personal favorite hackerspace in Oakland.  It’s in a walk-up space just off Broadway in downtown that’s also used as a church.  The location is right near BART.  Everyone I’ve met there is extremely friendly and cool.  The culture of the space seems very civic and activist oriented, which is something I like about it.

Hacker Scouts Open Lab — Okay, so I just called Sudo Room my favorite Oakland hackerspace.  Maybe I was being hasty but in my defense this one is close enough that I sometimes think of it as being in Berkeley.   TL;DR — It’s like Boy Scouts but for hacker kids.  Hacker Scouts just an ingenious idea and you should go to their site and read about it right now if you haven’t.

Hack the Gallery — Hack the Gallery is a newborn Hackerspace located at North Berkeley’s Open Fine Art Gallery.  I have not been to it as of this posting, but it sounds like a good idea.

Hacker Dojo — This is a very big, well-equipped space near where I used to work in Mountain View.

Hackermoms Mothership — Another Berkeley/Oakland hackerspace.   Hackermoms is oriented towards female hackers.  Their space is pretty close to the Ashby BART stop.  It’s fairly easy to find decent parking over there, which is also nice.

SLO Hackerspace – Hackerspace in San Luis Obispo

East Bay Makerlabs — This was an experiment with a retail hackerspace in the Bay Fair Mall.  It was open for a while, but closed this past December (’13) because it did not do very well financially.

The Crucible –  This is a huge industrial arts school in Oakland.  They teach things like blacksmithing, metalworking, etc.

Einstein’s Workshop — This is a youth-education oriented hackerspace over in Burlington, MA near where I used to live in Arlington.

CT Hackerspace — This is a hackerspace based out of Watertown CT.

MELD Workshop — This is Fargo North Dakota’s hackerspace.  They offer a ton of open space and machines.  It sounds really nice and the founder was helpful when I called to ask him questions about his experience in starting it.

I’ll post more from my notes later.

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