www.concordwiki.org and www.walnutcreekwiki.org

Okay, I’ve got www.concordwiki.org and www.walnutcreekwiki.org set up now to point at open LocalWiki projects.  For Walnut Creek wiki I went with one that has been open but inactive for quite a few years.  The city of Concord did not have its own wiki previously, so I created one for it but it’s presently empty except for some links to other nearby cities.

I am going to spend some time learning the ropes of using LocalWiki and adding some free content to the wikis.  At the next meeting I will plan to have a fact sheet to pass out explaining the project and giving links to content on the subject.

Edit:  I’ll start posting helpful links here as I come across them.

This is  a link to the LocalWiki Community Toolkit for helpful “getting started” information. 


This is a WikiMedia picture of Concord Square that I plan to use to represent Concord on the front page of the wiki.  If anyone has a better, non-copyrighted, recognizable picture of something famously from Concord please let me know or just feel free to add it to the wiki yourself.


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