Agenda for Meeting Two (work in progress, please comment)

Great Ways We Could Promote Our Hackerspace

  • Flyers in Coffee Shops, Schools, Etc.
  • Post on Local Event Calendars, Blogs, Reddit, Etc.
  • MeetUp
  • EventBrite?
  • Reddit Bayarea
  • Craigslist
  • Local Magazines, Newspapers, College Papers, Etc.
  • Other Related Meetup Groups
  • What else?

Network/Cross-Promote with Other Spaces

  • Benicia Hackerspace (opens in June?) — Joseph and Jen going to Nicci’s meetup on April 7th
  • Noisebridge, TechShop & Other S.F. spaces — visiting March 23rd
  • Sudo Room, Ace Monster Toys & Oakland spaces — visiting soon
  • Liberate Ourselves Locally (Oakland)
  • East Bay Makerspace (edit — unfortunately now closed)
  • Hay Hackers — they’ll be at Maker Faire in May
  • Hacker Dojo & South Bay spaces
  • Hackermoms Mothership
  • Hacker Scouts Guild (Lafayette)
  • Techliminal
  • The Crucible (Oakland industrial arts school)
  • Hack the Gallery (Berkeley)
  • Counter Culture Labs
  • NIMBYspace
  • Liberate Ourselves Locally (Oakland)

Let’s Borrow Good Ideas from Other Hackerspaces

  • Ideas I Like:
  • Nerds for Nature
  • Hacker Scouts
  • Linux/Computer Classes
  • City of Walnut Creek/Concord Wikis (based on Davis Wiki, Santa Cruz Wiki, Oakland Wiki)
  • What else?

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