Progress Updates

Hey all, I received some O’Reilly books and I’ll bring them to the meeting on Sunday.  The topics of the books are Java, Drupal and Raspberry Pi hacking.  They’re free for people who would like them, with the caveat that they’d like us to write a review of the books.

Also, we received a response from the California Department of State about our Artices of Incorporation!  We’ve completed the step of initially filing with them, and now I will have to fill out a Statement of Information (Form SI-200) with them.  I’ll get on that this week and keep you posted about how its going.

Also, Concord Wiki is launched.  Our first meetup is coming up on Monday the 14th at 6:30pm in the Concord Library at 2900 Salvio St.  The link to the event where you can RSVP is here.


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