Meeting Three Notes and Updates

Hey, welcome Francisco, David, Will, Helen and John!  It’s  great when new people come to the hackerspace meetings.  We’re glad to have you and we hope that you will come out to future meetings as well.

Update on looking for a space — Jen, Matt and I checked out two spaces over around the Detroit St. part of town.  Both were pretty close to CostCo down on Monument Blvd.  The first space we looked at was in our budget range — around $2000/month but not in the best shape.  Still, it serves to give an idea of what’s around the area in our budget.  Lesson learned for next time: take pictures.

Regarding places to host future meetings — E.J. Phair’s I thought was a good idea, but it turned out to be a little bit loud in there for comfortable conversation among a group of our size.  Also, they didn’t have free wi-fi.  David had a portable hotspot he was generous enough to let us use so it was all right but it would probably be better if we could meet somewhere with free wi-fi so we don’t have to use part of someone’s data plan.

Concord Adult Education center was proposed as a possible future meeting place, so was the Concord Library which Jen and I will check out tomorrow and possibly somewhere on the D.V.C. campus which Will is going to look into.  If anyone has suggestions, please let one of us organizers know and we’ll book it and post the location in Meetup.

We worked on the names and we’ve broken them into categories.  I’ll send around a Survey Monkey on this topic in the near future.  The categories are: 1.  Some variation on Contra Costa (ie: CC or CoCo) 2. Some variation on MetaSpace  3. Some variation on the acronym M.A.C.H. (Makers, Artists, Crafters and Hackers)  4.  Region based names like Diablo, Black Diamond, Concord or Walnut Creek Makers, Todos Santos  5.  leaving 5 for a wild card category.

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